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Nashville Nights Band: A Heartfelt "90's Country Thank You" to Our Fans

Dear Nashville Nights Band Family,

As the final chords of 2023 fade away, we find ourselves reflecting on a year filled with musical highs, shared moments, and the incredible support from each one of you. From the lively crowds at The NorVA to the intimate gatherings at private events, every beat and note was magnified by your presence.

Your energy at The Vanguard fueled our creativity, and your enthusiastic response to our "90's Country Show" at The State Theatre marked a new chapter in our musical journey.

Winning the 2023 #VeerMusicMagazine Award for Best Theme/Tribute Band is not just our achievement; it's a testament to the passion and love you shower upon our performances.

To those who danced at Bethpage Camp - Resort, sang along at Farm Brew Live, and embraced the coastal melodies at Rehoboth Beach Band Stand, thank you for making these moments truly magical. Your presence turned these venues into a second home and transformed smaller stages into vibrant canvases where our music comes alive.

A special note of gratitude to those who allowed us to celebrated milestones with them, be it at Lloyd's 50th Birthday Party or the Dressing - Greenlee Wedding.

Your shared joy became a part of our music, creating memories that will linger for a lifetime.

To the fans who joined us at every stop, from Sun Outdoors, to Rams Head Live, to Rod n Reel, and supported the cause at the Fuqua School Fundraiser and the Education Foundation of Isle of Wight event, thank you for allowing us to make a positive impact through the power of music.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we carry the echoes of your applause, the warmth of your smiles, and the energy of your cheers. The Nashville Nights Band is more than a collection of musicians; it's a family, and you, our fans, are the heartbeat of that family.

Here's to the melodies we've shared, the stories yet to be told, and the unwavering bond that music creates. We look forward to creating more memories, exploring new rhythms, and sharing the stage with you in the years ahead.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Steve, Curt, Adam, John, Elliot, and Benny

Nashville Nights Band

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